Boosting B2B with Optimal User Experience

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Sundberg-Ferar’s design team partnered with Gilbarco in developing a next generation bezel system for their Encore product line that would incorporate new technologies while maintaining a seamless integration onto the current frame system.  Critical to the request was the need for an optimal user experience while meeting the broad scope of regulatory requirements.  The SF team helped bring a fresh perspective to this fuel dispenser design and user interface, resulting in a more relaxed posture to the bezel system, making it more approachable and friendly to the user.


New Mobility

Combining foundational data on the many stakeholders involved, along with in-depth technical requirements, the team explored diverse packaging and form factor studies for the bezel system. 

The spacial organization of the numerous system components was especially critical to the user experience. The team went through multiple iterations to design a layout and flow that would make these components easily identifiable and easy to interface with for the user.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root: Encore 900 Fuel Dispenser

Improved fit and finish with flush transitions led to simplified surfaces that were easier to sterilize and keep clean.  Serviceability was optimized with the development of a clever mounting strategy.  These factors, combined with the inset and tilted posture of the bezel created a much more inviting experience with easier operation for diverse users and heavy traffic.

“Balancing multiple complexities with the goal of creating a simple, intuitive design solution required trust in our design process that balances both the functional and the emotional needs of the user.”

Dan Genord

Product Design Manager, Sundberg-Ferar

Human Impact

Gilbarco’s new Encore dispenser focuses on a simple and seamless design, meeting user needs in exceptional new ways. It takes the experience of stopping for fuel from frustrating and time-consuming, to fast and intuitive, with no time wasted on trying to understand what to do. The simplicity also makes the solution less intimidating, less distracting, and feel cleaner than other dispensers in the market.

Business Impact

The forecourt is your first and most powerful shot at attracting customers to your convenience store. 80% of consumers consider the cleanliness of the fuel area before giving the c-store their business.  The Encore dispenser has taken this to a new level by making it even easier to not only attract but keep customers coming back.

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