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SundbergFerar Team Careers

As part of our team at Sundberg-Ferar, you’ll have the opportunity to help bring meaningful solutions to market.

We design and prototype a wide variety of products and experiences. We serve three major markets: mobility, consumer, and commercial, but within these broad categories our work includes transportation, home goods, appliances, sporting goods, medical products, robotics, power tools, and industrial equipment, to name a few. Our designers have new and diverse opportunities within all these fields to make an impact and innovate. You’ll have unique, exciting challenges to solve and boundless opportunities to learn.

You’ll work amongst a seasoned team of industrial designers and artists, engineers and technical leaders, model-makers and crafstmen, strategists and design researchers. Together, we work as a cooperative, each group enabling the other towards the common goal of making people’s lives better through useful, sustainable, and compelling products.

What’s it like to be a part of our team?

These qualities describe our culture, as well as what we look for in a potential new teammate. You’ll fit right in here if these qualities sound like you and you’re committed to creating solutions that make people’s lives better and more beautiful.

Resourceful: We are thinkers and tinkerers; we have the skills and know-how to turn dreams into reality.

Collaborative: We’re a highly flexible, nimble, and unpretentious crew willing to work with any idea.

Creative: We dream big, then work tirelessly to make it happen.

Forward-thinking: We use our industry expertise to look ahead and determine the best solution for now and the future.

Confident: We believe in our work, and we’re proud of it—but always with honest humility.

Energized: Our get-up-and-go comes from loving what we do. Simple as that.


Sound like you? 

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Mechatronics Engineer

Sundberg-Ferar is seeking a new addition to their engineering group with experience in robotics or mechatronics and a creative passion for making things work. Our engineers play many roles in the process: ideation, hands-on mock-ups, component selection and packaging studies, design for prototyping, performance optimization, production ready CAD, 2D drawings and production support. We’re looking for an engineer who is confident and capable in each of these tasks and who brings fresh perspective to every product they work on.

So, who is the right fit? We look for people who are, creative, forward-thinking, curious, and fearless to tackle big and small challenges alike. Above all, we believe that lines should be blurred between industrial design and engineering, and that the best designs come from a concurrent, non-siloed approach that brings both functional and emotional specs to life. Art and science should be side-by-side in every product development task. The role of Mechatronics Engineer exemplifies these character traits perfectly.

Primary roles and responsibilities for this position:

  • Work alongside industrial designers and design researchers to understand core user needs and design beautiful and usable products that make people’s lives better
  • Design electromechanical systems used in a wide variety of products
  • Ideate solutions for novel mechanisms, complex motions, and other unique challenges in robotics, mobility, consumer and industrial product categories
  • Help specify and source components including: motors and drivers, actuators, sensors, power supplies, etc.
  • Refine designs through prototyping, bench testing, and iteration
  • Design and help fabricate prototypes of all fidelity levels including high-quality looks-like/works-like models working alongside our prototype specialists in our in-house model shop
  • Prepare design presentations that walkthrough challenges, solutions and recommendations and help lead projects to success


Some must-have skills and experience:

  • At least 4 years of professional experience developing mechatronic systems. (University, research, or individual project experience may be considered as well depending on applicability)
  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or other related technical field
  • Fluent in CAD (Solidworks and/or Creo)
  • Hands-on prototyping ability with both mechanical and electrical systems
  • Familiarity with basic electronics and embedded system programming (e.g Arduino)
  • Familiarity with various manufacturing processes including: injection molding, sheet metal, machining, etc.
  • Demonstratable problem solving abilities
  • Ability and confidence to work early on in the exploratory/investigative product development phases



  • Additional programming experience (C/C++, Python, ROS, machine learning, sensor integration, etc.)
  • Advanced CAD modeling experience such as organic surfacing
  • Simulation experience (ADAMS, Simulink, FEA, Matlab, etc.)
  • Experience developing robotic motion (Inverse kinematics, motion planning, controls systems/tuning)
  • Fluency with 2D drawings, GD&T and tolerance analysis
  • Program management experience
  • Experience with EE CAD tools: Schematic capture and PCB layout

And, some character traits that we look for:

  • The Forward-Thinker: design enthusiasm and a passion for making exceptional products.
  • The Intuitive: comfortable engineering without technical specifications (this requires the knack for designing your own specs on-the-fly using solid engineering instincts).
  • The Innovator: ability to participate in ideation sessions and invent new ways to solve problems.
  • The Artist: appreciates the joys of beautiful objects and commits to the vision, even if it requires taking the long way around.
  • The Toolbox: familiarity with diverse materials, processes, and manufacturing technologies, such as (others welcome):
    • Thermoplastics, injection molding, thermoforming;
    • Structures, weldments, sheet metal, die casting;
    • Electro-mechanical systems, motors/actuators, and sensors.
  • The Multi-Tasker: comfortable working in multiple fast paced development cycles while staying organized and detail-oriented, both independently and within a small team.
  • The Communicator: empathetic and patient explaining technical designs to non-technical clients. Fluent in creating and giving presentations (PowerPoint).
  • The Maker: hands-on ability to create basic, functional prototypes in a model shop environment.

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