Innovating Intimacy


PLAISIR des SENS was a unique opportunity for SF. Human nature seeks pleasure and the challenge presented to us by PDS was to enhance the experience of one of the most basic of human pleasure needssex. Their goal was to create a handheld, rapid warming, auto dispensing organic lubricant device that was small enough and portable enough to go with you or fit inside the nightstand drawer. This product looked to fill a need in the market for luxury lubricants and the materials and technology used echoed highend, highfashion materials and VBL.

This startup’s main goal was designing a device that warms an organic sex lubricant to temperature in 10 seconds and dispenses a premeasured amount on demand. With these objectives in hand, the team embarked on an electromechanical exploration utilizing an agile bench engineering process. Multiple paths and methods were explored for warming and dispensing technologies through a combination of inhouse experience, Frankenstein prototyping and electromechanical breadboarding. A viable mechanical design foundation was created and validated, and a premium, luxurious form language designed and integrated around it. The team then fabricated a functioning lookslike, workslike prototype used for crowdfunding.

PLAISIR des SENS: Chaleureux

The startup product development process can present unique challenges. Projects are exciting and backed with passion and vision; but budgets and timelines are constrained and the future of the company relies on on-budget, on-time deliverables. In these types of collaborations, SF has tuned their process and skill sets to accommodate sprint invention tasks. This requires the integration of physical pre-totyping: on-the-fly, mechanical prototyping through surrogate products, cannibalized parts, rapid prototyping and deep knowledge of the McMaster-Carr catalog. For PLAISIR des SENS, a wide variety of heating elements, valves, and containers to use as our mechanical playground were purchased. The team backed up the approach with physics calculations for heat capacity and latent heat (this particular lubricant required a phase change from solid to liquid within the target temperatures). And then came iteration; repeatedly. Each time learning and refining.

These processes can help efficiently unveil opportunities; they can also help communicate the complexity of the task at hand and illustrate the path ahead. The goal is to bring content and options forward as far as possible to stair-step the development process and follow suit with the typical startup funding process.

Process is paramount. Ultimately, we work with our clients to create solutions that perform and excite; but it matters how you get there. From startups to corporate giants, we respect that there are different paths to market for successful product development, and we customize our project plans for each and every need. And particularly for startups, we know how to move fast and hard bearing in mind the next stair step: an investor to impress or factories to kick-off.

Human Impact

PLAISIR des SENS represents a product with simple but meaningful impact to the human experience. There are few things that represent the joys of being human better than the word pleasure. For some, this product can help with diagnosed conditions that might hinder. For others, it can enhance and elevate. The audience for this product is universal and the benefits can truly make lives better.

The project is an example of clear product vision resulting in a device that passionately relates to its audience. Still, the funding process of start-ups can be complicated, and PLAISIR des SENS has paused its journey to market at this time.



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