June 2022
Get the white paper: “Cobots and The Future of Food: 6 considerations for cobot design”

White Paper: Cobots and The Future of Food: 6 considerations for cobot design

What does the advent of cobots mean for the future of the food industry? What does it mean for the humans that work or are served in restaurants, industrial kitchens, and ghost kitchens? How should we shape the nature of collaboration between humans and robots in the food industry?

In this white paper, we cover these questions and more as we connect the nature of ideal collaboration with new avenues for exploration to design the next generation of cobots.



  • Why are we talking about cobots?
  • The need for cobots in the food industry
  1. Where should cobots fit in? (Are we selling ourselves short?)
  2. The nature of collaboration, and how it can inform our goals for cobot human-machine interface
  3. Cobots and cooking-as-theater
  4. Cleanliness and trust in cobot design
  5. Cobots to empower humans
  6. Culinary virtuosity and cobots
  • Robotic kitchens from the 50s to now
  • Are you ready to tackle your cobot design challenge?

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Lynnaea Haggard

Marketing Manager

Lynnaea has been sharing the perspective of Sundberg-Ferar and the value of Industrial Design to the rest of the world for over 4 years . As Marketing Manager, she leads the studio’s marketing strategy and initiatives, including thought leadership and content marketing among other responsibilities. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from the International Center for Creativity.

Evan Carpenter-Crawford

Senior Product Designer & HMI Specialist

Evan has been building the company’s skill set and portfolio for over 20 years at Sundberg Ferar. Evan began SF’s UI design capability in 1997 and continues to foster its development on the bleeding edge of product interface innovation. In addition to his work at Sundberg-Ferar, Evan has also been teaching design for over 20 years at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies

Rob Rehrig

Senior Electircal Design Engineer

Rob is a hardware hacker by day and design deliriant by night with a passion for human-computer interaction, music, and rapid prototyping. With over 10 years experience in the field, he also holds an MS in computer engineering from University of Delaware, as well as a MS in Music Engineering Technology from University of Miami (Florida).


Grey Parker



Grey has been at the helm of Sundberg-Ferar for over 3 years, building on the company’s team and capabilities and overseeing some of the studio’s most important projects in industry 5.0. With his deep background in automotive and product design & engineering, he knows the factory floor and how to push the limits of feasible design while thinking ahead to production, and throughout his career, he’s taken pride in making products beautiful from the inside out.

Get the white paper: “Cobots and The Future of Food: 6 considerations for cobot design”