Listen to David Byron on “Bringing Big Ideas to Life with Design Thinking”, as featured in Michigan Virtual’s BRIGHT podcast.


David Byron, our Director of Innovation Strategy, was an invited guest this week on Michigan Virtual’s “BRIGHT” podcast, a show focused on stories of hope and innovation in Michigan classrooms.

Dave explains how the tried & true process of design thinking can help students and adults alike in solving complicated problems, such as the many and multifaceted issues facing the field of education today.

BRIGHT podcast host Nikki Herta says, “For the past couple of years, my colleagues at Michigan Virtual have been working with David & his team to determine what the most pressing problems teachers, administrators, parents, and students want to see solved in education and how we might come up with innovative solutions to address them.” (Find the initial results of SF’s in-depth research work with Michigan Virtual in the “Michigan Voices” report!) “In this conversation,” she continues, “David shares how, by tapping into the tried & true formula of design thinking, both students and educators can learn how to structure the process of bringing big ideas to life.”

You can also listen to the podcast on Michigan Virtual’s website.

Bringing Big Ideas to Life with Design Thinking


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