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Defending Polarizing Designs, Defining Visual Brand Language

With John Cunningham, CEO, Ox Tools USA

How do you define a visual brand language for your product line that resonates with your target users while communicating the uniqueness of your brand? How do you defend a polarizing design to your executives that you know is answering your users’ needs?

John Cunningham, CEO of Ox Tools America, answers these questions and more as he shares the product development process that created their latest tape measure, designed specifically for their target segment of contractors.

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Part 2: Questions for John

In Part 2, we ask John questions from our audience about their pain points in the product development process. Questions like: When designing, should you put the customer or the end user first? How do you convince your leadership of the validity of a polarizing design. How do you transfer this product development process to the world of startups?
Listen to his thoughts on these topics:

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