June 2022
Get the white paper: Plastic Materials Selection in Sustainable Product Design





White Paper: Materials Selection in Sustainable Product Design

Material ConneXion Executive Vice President of Research Dr. Andrew Dent and Sundberg-Ferar CEO Grey Parker come together in this co-authored white paper to bring you seven practical considerations for materials selection in sustainable product design.

“Industrial designers and product manufacturers can no longer afford to sidestep the question of sustainable product design. But how do you rank and select the best sustainable materials, processes, and production methods while taking into account cost, time, and existing tooling and infrastructure? In the realm of sustainable engineered plastics, the options and considerations are endless, but we’ve put together some rules of thumb to keep in mind as you navigate the materials selection process. This is where material science, engineering, sustainability, and human-centered design intersect…”

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Dr. Andrew Dent

Executive Vice President Research

Material ConneXion

Dr. Andrew Dent, EVP of Materials Research at Material ConneXion and Chief Material Scientist at Material Bank, is known for his integrated approach to problem solving.

One of the world’s leading authorities on materials in design, Andrew has helped clients from start-ups and Fortune 500 companies take their products and spaces to the next level through innovative material selection and a unique cross-industry perspective.

Co-author of the Material Innovation book series published by Thames & Hudson, and a frequent speaker on sustainable material strategies at events such as TEDxGrandRapids and TEDNYC, Dr. Dent is ever ready to solve design problems with unexpected material solutions.

Grey Parker




As a life-long maker and professional problem-solver, Grey champions the powerful alliance between industrial design and engineering. He believes that the right blend of art and science can deliver meaningful products that can both improve the human experience and make good business sense. He brings his wealth of mechanical and manufacturing knowledge to the design process along with a passion for innovation and invention.

Prior to SF, Grey worked in the automotive industry as a seat engineer and chief designer for Honda, establishing a broad scope of expertise including steel structures, mechanisms, plastics and injection molding, soft foam and trim, and electro-mechanical systems. He knows the factory floor and how to push the limits of feasible design while thinking ahead to production. Throughout his career, he’s taken pride in making products beautiful from the inside out.  Outside the office, you can find Grey fly fishing on the river, building LEGOs with his daughters, taking on carpentry projects at home or finding adventures outdoors.

Get the white paper: Plastic Materials Selection in Sustainable Product Design