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JR Clancy: Helios Hoist and SceneControl 12

JR Clancy is a leader in live entertainment control systems. They came to SF looking to redesign their theatre hoist and the hand-held controller. This project was rooted in improved usability in a dark and potentially dangerous environment as well has delivering new aesthetics that conveyed simplicity and industry leading technology.


Commercial Products

Helios Hoist:

Helios is a compact automated hoist ideal for smaller venues where space is a premium. The design team focused on easy to access panels and operation lights that’s provide diagnostic capabilities with ease-of-use serviceability.

SceneControl 12:

This was more than just a tablet design challenge, as the controllers are tethered and require one handed operation with a ‘hold-to-run’ safety button that requires constant pressure to keep the unit operational. SF designers prototyped multiple hand grip systems that worked for both left and right-handed users, while also being comfortable for long periods of use. The design and engineering team also packaged all the electrical components and designed a simple User Interface that was easy to operate in the dark.

JR Clancy: Helios Hoist and SceneControl 12

JR Clancy: Helios Hoist and SceneControl 12

Great user experiences combine a quality user interface along with thoughtful design of physical artifact it’s being delivered on, and that’s exactly what the SceneControl 12 does.

Human Impact

“Advanced Motion Control in the Palm of your Hands”

The ‘Hold-to-Run’ is integrated into the ergonomic handle and provides a safe and convenient method of ensuring intentional operation.

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