Overcoming limitations for Single Cell Analysis

Celsee, Inc. – Acquired by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Celsee, Inc., a Michigan-based medical startup, is harnessing the gentle power of gravity to break down barriers in single-cell analysis.  In Sundberg-Ferar’s second project with Celsee, the studio was asked to support their third generation Genesis unit that again utilized their proprietary micro-fluidics technology for single cell analysis.  This would require a new enclosure architecture that would include the integration of a touch display to support an onboard computer. Again, optimization of all human touch points and interfaces was critical, in addition to the design of the enclosure system that maintained the previously developed visual brand language and was optimized for serviceability and manufacturability.

The team took a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach to development through both industrial design and mechanical engineering expertise, along with experiential immersion into laboratory processes to gain an understanding of user pain points.

A unique architecture was developed that both optimized the user interface while providing an assembly strategy that dramatically simplified serviceability. Finally, rapid development and fast-to-market, low volume manufacturing processes were provided by Sundberg-Ferar to support a pilot production launch within our facility.

Bio-Rad: Overcoming limitations for Single Cell Analysis

“Having everything in a logical location and being designed for a simple interface gets rid of past frustrations. When I’m focusing on the protocol, the last thing I need is to be stumbling on a mechanical latch or access to a hose connection.”


Lab Technician

Human Impact

Designing first and foremost for usability and simplicity in the Genesis system was critical in maximizing the impact and adoption of Celsee’s breakthrough technology by medical research institutions. This technology is now enabling researchers to understand a range of diseases with more precision, leading to improved treatment and diagnostic techniques.

Business Impact

With Celsee’s Genesis system, users can achieve accurate biological insight by capturing more cells with its improved design and optimized usability. The success of Celsee’s Genesis system has also caught the attention of large life sciences company, Bio-Rad. The successful acquisition of Celsee by Bio-Rad has fulfilled an important business aspiration for Celsee and resulted in increased profitability for the company.

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