February 2021
CES 2021: The Design Scoop
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Lynnaea Haggard

Industrial Designer, Marketing & Communications

Since this last year was one of the most turbulent in recent memory across the globe, it’s no surprise that CES 2021 was an especially important venue for the tech and innovation world to congregate (albeit virtually) and participate in the grand show-and-tell of where the last year has brought us – from the hardest challenges to the greatest opportunities – and where the latest tech advances will take us from here.

We often say at our studio that it’s not just about solving problems with design. It’s about asking the right questions to beautifully solve the right problems with design. One of the occupational hazards of being a designer is constantly having new questions in our minds in response to everything we see and hear. This report will mostly highlight our favorite new products and ideas from the show; however, we can’t help but include some of the big questions and design ideas that all of these sparked for us. Hopefully these also spark new avenues of thought for you as you consider your future product pipeline and innovation roadmap to grow your business!

Here are our observations and analyses of the trends and innovations at CES 2021, from our human-centered design point of view at Sundberg-Ferar…

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Send us an email and we’ll send you the 40-page report for free


Lynnaea Haggard

Industrial Designer, Marketing and Communications

Lynnaea Haggard, Industrial Designer + Marcom, has a natural passion for storytelling and building relationships. She started her college education in Journalism, but soon found her passion in switching to Industrial Design. Now she uses her industrial design and skills and enthusiasm for communication to support studio projects as well as design and develop Sundberg-Ferar’s marketing and communications materials. In her spare time, she does anything outdoors, reads, writes, and keeps her cello performance skills sharp.

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