The Future of Food and Cobots

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SundbergFerar Team Careers

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In this white paper, we connect the nature of ideal human collaboration with new avenues for exploration to design the next generation of cobots, addressing topics like where cobots can be implemented beyond just “dirty, dull, and dangerous”, the idea of cooking-as-theater, employee empowerment and more.

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Case Study

Project: Empowering Dining through Design 

Eating is one of the most fundamental human experiences.  The act of feeding oneself in the presence of others ties together families and is a fundamental means of participating in culture and community. For those who can’t participate, it’s a constant reminder that they are dependent on others for a basic source of their wellbeing.  The Obi robot allows users with physical limitations to feed themselves and join in on this most basic human experience. Sundberg-Ferar’s job was to arm the client with consumer validation of the concept and bring development home on the first production model. Development work focused on two primary directions: packaging the mechanisms of the robot in an attractive non-threatening body, and creating a friendly, easy-to-use UX.  The program also required attention to many details of form and behavior that would allow the robot to reliably pick up food and deliver it cleanly to the user. Read more.

If we limit our understanding of a successful cobot to their ability to carry out these [dirty, dull, dangerous] tasks, we’re missing a bigger picture of how they can transform the lives of humans in the food service and production workforce for the better.

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