Sundberg-Ferar Advocates for Inclusive Agetech at CES 2024

Las Vegas, NV – January 10, 2024

Sundberg-Ferar Advocates for Inclusive Agetech at CES 2024

Sundberg-Ferar Advocates for Inclusivity and Human-Centered Design in Agetech at CES 2024

Sundberg-Ferar, a pioneer in innovative product and experience design, took center stage at the AARP ATC (AgeTech Collaborative) exhibit at CES 2024, delivering a compelling talk to a full audience. The session, titled “Inclusivity and Human-Centered Design for AgeTech Products,” highlighted the company’s commitment to shaping the future of technology with a focus on enhancing the lives of aging communities.

Sundberg-Ferar speakers, Grey Parker, (Principal and CEO) and David Byron, (Director of Innovation Strategy) shed light on the transformative power of human-centered design in the age-tech space. The AARP’s commanding presence at CES, boasting the one of the largest booths, underscored the urgency and momentum of age-tech innovations showcased throughout the event.

One of the highlights of Sundberg-Ferar’s presentation was the live demonstration of the Obi Robot, an assistive dining robot developed by DESiN LLC for those with limited mobility in their upper extremities. Sundberg-Ferar had the privilege to support the DESiN team in the design and engineering development of their first-generation product. The groundbreaking simplicity and effectiveness of the robot’s interface, physical form and movements, and robust functionality are testament to the successful partnership between DESiN and Sundberg-Ferar. Obi has not only driven market success and revenue for DESIN but has also made a deeply meaningful impact on lives globally. Explore the Obi Robot’s journey and impact.

As a continued advocate for advancing age-friendly technologies, Sundberg-Ferar remains at the forefront of supporting companies dedicated to improving the experiences of aging communities. Through their multi-disciplinary innovation services spanning strategy, design research, industrial design, UX/UI design, engineering, and prototyping, Sundberg-Ferar plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of age-tech.

“Our success is measured by the success of our partners,” stated Byron, emphasizing the collaborative approach that defines Sundberg-Ferar’s achievements. Dive into the success stories of our age-tech partnerships.

Sundberg-Ferar’s presence on the AARP ATC stage at CES 2024 reflects not only a commitment to innovation but also a dedication to creating a future where technology caters to the diverse needs of our aging population.

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