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EVTOLs will revolutionize mobility in ways that humans have fantasized about since the Wright Brothers, but the most understated barrier to widespread adoption is user perception and public acceptance. Overcoming the aggravating factors of safety, noise, and the “not in my backyard” mentality will only come with believable storytelling that the benefits of mass evtol adoption will outweigh drawbacks. There needs to be real, tangible innovation work around compelling use-cases that prove the merits of the eVTOL ecosystem.

Sundberg-Ferar has been strategizing & designing the future of new mobility experiences for nearly 90 years. Reach out to discuss how you can leverage innovation strategy and industrial design for your eVTOL roadmap!

Case Study

Project: A New Take on eVTOL Realism

As the horizon of eVTOL implementation and adoption draws nearer, the factors of user perception and community adoption are becoming increasingly crucial and concerningly unaddressed barriers to success.
In this informal internal exercise, Sundberg-Ferar designed and developed an eVTOL concept that addresses some of these barriers to favorable user perception. Read more.

“The company that is first to market with a genuinely convenient, sustainable, safe-feeling, and thought-out-down-to-the-granular-details eVTOL experience will be the market leader, and here’s why:

Because no one has done it yet.”

Excerpt from our article “The Missing Link in eVTOL Design”

Thought Corner

Article: eVTOL Aircraft Design and Sustainability (5 mins)

Second in this series on looking at eVTOL through the lens of sustainability: Can eVTOL design achieve the level of environmental sustainability it so often claims? And what must eVTOL companies consider as they create a differentiated product to ensure that the answer is “yes”? Read more.

Article: The Power of eVTOLs: Implications on the ground as we take to the skies (15 mins)

In this series, we look at the eVTOL ecosystem through the lens of social and environmental sustainability, and how companies in the space can understand and assess their potential impacts. Read more.

Article: The Missing Link in eVTOL Design (15 mins)

Bad news: the industry hasn’t done enough yet to flesh out the eVTOL experience in believable dimensions. Good news: there are specific strategic and tactical ways to become first to market with an experience that sticks. Read more.

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eVTOL / ē·​vē·​tol / singular noun:
Electronic Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft which make use of advanced electric propulsion systems to respond to the growing need for new sustainable vehicles for urban air mobility.

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