Sundberg-Ferar Speaks at Detroit Economic Club on Product Development


March 18, 2021

Sundberg-Ferar Speaks at Detroit Economic Club on Product Development

In an exclusive event for members of the prestigious Detroit Economic Club, Sundberg-Ferar was invited to lead a session on Product Development. The session “Empower Your Team Through Innovation Culture” was presented by our Director of Strategic Growth Jeevak, and focused on how you can empower your team to think creatively and unleash those incremental to radical innovations for your company’s success.

For example, you, as a business person, marketing director, lawyer, politician, operations manager or beyond – you might believe that design & innovation aren’t part of your domain, right? We would say, wrong! You can still use these to further unlock the creative juices in yourself and your team to generate sustainable growth for your business!

The Industrial Design Process with its Design Thinking allows you to properly align your resources to empower innovation in your team. You have to cultivate that transparent culture that will break down barriers to innovation and fuel a human-centric approach to problem solving. Using the Industrial Design tool box enables you to correctly choose what problems to solve in the entire ecosystem in which you exist, the surrounding evolving culture, emerging socio-economic trends, and human behavioral patterns. It allows you to see how all those factors are creating white market spaces that you can go occupy. Once you determine that future ideal state you want to achieve, you can create a roadmap and align your internal team to get there.

Check out more information on the session and the Detroit Economic Club (which, by the way, was founded in the same year yas Sundberg-Ferar in 1934)!


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