Sundberg-Ferar Invited to Speak in CCS Creative Boost


October 22, 2020,
3pm EDT



Sundberg-Ferar Invited to Speak in CCS Creative Boost

About The Event

Sundberg-Ferar is invited to speak in College For Creative Studies’ (CCS) “Creative Boost” virtual series. Our Director of Strategic Growth, Jeevak, will take the stage in conversation with Patrick Schiavone, CCS’s Chair of Product Design and former Design VP at Whirlpool & Ford. Together, they will uncover and expound on the interplay between Design & Business from their deep personal experiences in the field.

Jeevak introduces the topic: “We understand that machines are simple, it’s us “humans” that are complex. “We the humans” have assorted personality traits, behavior patterns and value structures. We ourselves change every decade or so and our mindsets evolve too. The society and culture we live in has it’s overarching influence in how we behave, think, speak, see, feel and act. We cannot just build products and push technology because we can! The onus is on us, the design community to make sure we anticipate and answer the unspoken needs, un-articulated wants and the latent desires of end- users, and blend in those emotional attributes with the functional specifications.”

Register below and join the conversation as Jeevak and Patrick unravel the intricacies at the intersection of Design & Business.

CCS Creative Boost series was introduced this year for students, faculty, alumni, partners and friends of CCS to infuse their afternoon with a quick blast of inspiration and conversation. All episodes feature short talks led by some of the most influential leaders in creative and rapid growth industries.  Learn more about the Creative Boost Series.