Sundberg-Ferar & Hyundai’s Mobility Innovation Featured by Autodesk


October 22, 2020

Sundberg-Ferar & Hyundai’s Mobility Innovation Featured by Autodesk

Sundberg-Ferar’s work with Hyundai over the past few years has seen prototypes of walking car robots a’walkin’ and a’rolling around our studio hallways! As we’ve conceptualized and prototyped iterations of “ELEVATE”, Hyundai’s ground-breaking Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), at our studio in Metro-Detroit, we’ve used Generative Design as a strategic tool in the development process. And now, Autodesk has taken notice.

Autodesk featured Hyundai and Sundberg-Ferar in a 3-minute film along with an in-depth blog story and showcase page highlighting the concept and the role of generative design in its developmentIn addition, Autodesk has invited John Suh, Founding Director of Hyundai’s New Horizons Studio, focused on UMV development, to speak in Autodesk University’s annual conference next month on November 17th, 2020. Learn more about Autodesk University 2020 and sign up.

Check out the video below (3mins) and the blog post that dive into latest developments for ELEVATE and the project’s use of generative design to take its next steps.

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