Sundberg-Ferar Featured in The Next Normal Podcast


September 14, 2020

Sundberg-Ferar Featured in The Next Normal Podcast

Sundberg-Ferar is featured in today’s episode of The Next Normal Podcast!

Check out the full episode below (35 mins) or on Youtube and Spotify!

Sundberg-Ferar’s Director of Strategic Growth, Jeevak, spoke with The Next Normal Podcast about the future of Industrial Design and human-centric design post-pandemic: What parts of design will never be the same again, and what will never change throughout these tempestuous times in the “New Normal”.

Industrial Designers both enhance and simplify our lives, while solving specific problems and invoking emotions with the products they create. How do they get all this done, and what does this look like post-COVID19? When you’re designing a new product, what emotions do you invoke in the user? How do you simplify their life, while enhancing it?

Get answers to these questions and more in this episode of The Next Normal Podcast with Sundberg-Ferar.

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