Michigan Design Prize 2020: Celebrating Young Industrial Designers


December 15, 2020

Michigan Design Prize 2020: Celebrating Young Industrial Designers

On December 15th, the Michigan Design Council hosted the 6th annual Michigan Design Prize (M-Prize). Student finalists from all over the state were paired up with designers to create new ways to enjoy healthy local food. This was clearly a unique year operating the contest amidst the pandemic, but the students, teachers and mentors rose to the occasion. Well over 100 attended the ceremony and a virtual event allowed many of the designers and students time to share their thoughts about their collaboration and design work as each award was presented.

The College for Creative Studies president Don Tuski was the guest speaker showcasing the career potential of design and fine arts, as well as the importance of kids learning empathy and problem solving no matter what their passions are.

Sundberg-Ferar has supported the M-Prize annually since it began, and this year our designers Josiah LaColla, Evan Carpentar-Crawford, and David Byron gave of their time and expertise to work with their student finalists to help them realize their solutions to accessing healthy food.

Check out their design work, and the Zoom link below will take you to the full ceremony – passcode: kM@gLh1q.

And hey – if you’re looking for an innovation partner, drop us a note! We’d love to talk! hello@sundbergferar.com