How to Design User Experiences that Delight the Customer


March 31, 2021

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How to Design User Experiences that Delight the Customer

Sundberg-Ferar was the featured speaker in a fireside chat with CX Forums on “How to Design Customer Experiences that Delight the Customer”. Discussion between SF Director of Strategic Growth, Jeevak, and CX Forums CEO, Mark Michelson, centered around the question of how should your product be different.

Jeevak explained that every successful product, service or end ideal user experience is a delicate blend of functional and emotional attributes. These fundamental crucial emotional elements are evoking a response from your users, whether you’re taking ownership of them or not!

Designers have to anticipate emotional elements among the myriad of needs, wants, desires and dreams of your targeted customers, via undertaking a robust design research approach. And it’s not just the human customer, but the entire product ecosystem around it.

Other topics that were explored were:

How to meet the spoken and unspoken needs of your multi-users
Understanding the surrounding culture and ecosystem shaping the interaction between your product and users
How to infuse your products with emotion

Watch the recording to catch the full discussion!

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