SF Client, Freestyle Partners, Receives Approval for Handheld Device Design


June 9, 2021

SF Client, Freestyle Partners, Receives Approval for Handheld Device Design

This month, one of Sundberg-Ferar’s clients, Freestyle Partners, LLC, announced overwhelming approval from the government for their groundbreaking technology, filtered Far UV-C Light in handheld devices.

The company has received rapid allowance of five patents from the U.S. and foreign patent offices covering the ornamental design and portable handheld uses of filtered Far UV-C light to eradicate pathogens on commonly touched surfaces in seconds. The latest patent give Freestyle Partners exclusive rights on any portable, handheld device that uses that uses ultraviolet light, including all forms of UV-C light, to identify proper distance from a device to a targeted surface for rapidly inactivating pathogens. One of the most noteworthy aspects of Freestyle Partners patented technology is its ability to disinfect surfaces with filtered Far UV-C light without the need to remove humans from the vicinity or wear protective gear when used within current ACGIH dose limits.

Freestyle Partners approached Sundberg-Ferar in 2020 for design help to develop this handheld device, called BeamClean™. Sundberg-Ferar designed a way to package this game-changing technology into an approachable, affordable, manufacturable, and easy-to-use handheld device appropriate for several environments and markets.  Sundberg-Ferar provided enclosure design and a user interface for the device, improving usability and communicating the device’s function and value while increasing its potential for user adoption and success in the market.

Freestyle Partners, LLC has received government approval for their patents within months of filing (instead of the years it normally takes). The speed at which the government has prioritized and approved the patents indicates that the government recognizes the technology’s significant potential.

The team at Sundberg-Ferar is very happy to witness the continued momentum building for Freestyle Partners and this incumbent product, and are thrilled to have helped in its human-centered design and development.

To learn more about Beamclean and Freestyle Partners, visit their website.

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