SF Virtual Design Conversations: New Mobility


February 25, 2021,
12-4pm EST



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SF Virtual Design Conversations: New Mobility

About The Event

It’s no secret that Mobility is one of the fastest changing industries affecting our daily lives. From the future of mobility, to micro-mobility and last mile delivery, to user interfaces and more, we’ll be joined by experts across the nation to discuss their first-hand insights into New Mobility in the emerging realities of 2021 and beyond!

Who Should Attend?

  • CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, and any management / leadership who are responsible for mobility product development, or who own the strategic design & innovation roadmap for their company.
  • Managers of creative teams who want to cultivate the kind of innovation culture that will lead to exciting and sustainable mobility solutions.
  • Advanced Design Managers, Connected / IoT Product Owners, DFM Leads
  • Industrial Designers, Engineers, UX/UI experts or creatives who want to understand innovation & design better.

Why is this beneficial to you?

  • Understand the thinking and process that has lead to some of the greatest innovations in future-forward mobility to date.
  • Pick the brains of innovation leaders who have been in the industry long enough to tell the difference between what’s noise and what’s substance.
  • Jumpstart your team’s creative thinking by exposing them to the new ideas in this session.


Jeevak Badve

Principal + Director of Strategic Growth


12:00 – 12:15 pm

Jeevak brings energy, passion & curiosity to his role at Sundberg-Ferar. With his unique blend of education and experience in industrial design, engineering and business, he is a rallying voice for the alignment and optimal inclusion of the end user’s un-met needs, and unspoken wants in the core value proposition of a company’s products & service portfolio to generate sought-after shareholder value. Jeevak has more than 23 years of professional design experience, first in India for 7 years at Tata Motors, and then in the U.S. for 16 years at GM Design and now Sundberg-Ferar. Beyond his role at SF, Jeevak is a board member of many prominent design associations and think tanks including the Michigan Design Council, Aether Design Group, and Detroit Creative Corridor. He also served on IDSA’s International board for 6 years and chaired IDSA’s 2017 flagship International Design Conference: “Design IS Business”. In his copious amounts of spare time, Jeevak can be found indulging his love of kickboxing, and obstacle course running, or photographing birds in obscure parts of the world.

John Suh

VP & Founding Director, New Horizons Studio

Hyundai Motor Group

12:15 – 1:00 pm

John Suh is vice president and founding director of Hyundai CRADLE, the Silicon Valley based center for Hyundai Motor Company’s global network of corporate venture capital and innovation centers. In this role he is responsible for CRADLE’s two main functions — strategic venturing and open innovation.

John is also the founding team lead of New Horizons Studio. New Horizons Studio’s mission is to pioneer the design and development of vehicles with novel architectures. This team is about challenging the status quo in both how things are done and what technologies are used. Its current focus is designing vehicles that can transform from four-wheeled vehicle into a walking quadruped.

Prior to joining Hyundai Motor Company, he worked at General Motors, Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), and several Silicon Valley startups. John has a BS degree in electrical engineering from Kettering University and an MS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. John has numerous technical publications and has six patents in the fields of robotics, artificial nose technology, and location based services.

Parrish Hanna

1:15 – 2:00 pm

Parrish Hanna is an independent consultant focused on the design of product, service and system strategy and delivery for the automotive and mobility industries. An interest in the broader view of the business (particularly portfolio strategy, connectivity and mobility service design), evolution of culture and process towards User Experience (UX) and an opportunity to contribute to a diverse range of projects led him to form his company. His current work is born of a desire to accelerate progress and disruption in the automotive and mobility spaces and he brings deep experience, an action-oriented mindset and a strong point-of-view to the table.

With previous roles ranging from Global Director of UX – Interaction & Ergonomics (including Human Machine Interface) at Ford Motor Company, to Global Director of Design Strategy and Research at Motorola Mobility, to Global Design Adviser for Samsung, the constant throughout Parrish’s career has been an interest in “what is”, “what could be” and “what if” in the context of consumer research, technology, design and innovation. His success is defined and measured by realizing opportunities, sparking talented cross-functional teams, and delivering products and services that impact and drive brand and revenue growth. And occasionally, this work becomes that standard for a new type of interaction.

Patrick Schiavone

2:15 – 3:00 pm

Patrick Schiavone is currently the Chair of the Product Design Department at his alma mater, the College For Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan. He joined the department as a Visiting Professor in the fall of 2018 and moved into the Chair position in the fall of 2020.

Previous to CCS, Schiavone retired from Whirlpool Corp. in February 2018 after 8 years as V.P. of Global Consumer Design. He was responsible for Whirlpool’s product and brand portfolio across 7 studios globally. Schiavone passionately believes that people care just as much about what’s in their home as what’s in their garage.

Before working at Whirlpool, he spent 21 years with Ford Motor Company as the Design Director of Trucks, CUV’S, and SUV’S. Examples of Schiavone’s design work can be seen on streets and highways all over the world. Among his achievements, he led the design for three generations of the Ford F-150 pickup; the best-selling vehicle in the USA for over three decades. When asked what his greatest achievement is within the auto industry, his favorite response is “I didn’t screw up the F-150.”

David Byron

Manager, Design & Innovation Strategy


3:15 – 4:00 pm

David’s passion for design and cars led him to the Motor City where he graduated from CCS in Transportation Design. He spent his early career at GM and ASC before becoming Lead Designer at Saleen where he penned the 2008 S5S Raptor supercar and 2010 Saleen S281. David then jumped from sports cars to sports equipment when he joined New Balance’s hockey and lacrosse brand, Warrior, where he lead the helmet design team. David has a strong ability to edit, communicate and execute concepts that connect on an emotional level while delivering real world solutions. His diverse background provides a wide perspective when tackling the vast array of design challenges experienced at Sundberg-Ferar. He stays active in the art community teaching design courses at CCS and has judged multiple times at the National Fine Arts Festival.