April 2024
Project Report : How we leveraged AI for design and innovation

Project Report: How we leveraged AI for design and innovation

Leveraging AI for mobility innovation in Michigan’s National Parks

Project Report

Artificial intelligence is a technological force with immense potential. In our ongoing pursuit to identify,understand, and efficiently leverage AI tools in our innovation process and creative outputs, our team has embarked on an AI-powered “mock project”. Through this initiative we’re exploring AI opportunities that will elevate our efficiency, effectiveness, and creative prowess, ultimately allowing us to bring the benefits of our discoveries directly to our client collaborations.

Read on to see what we learned and glean inspiration and practical tips for your team’s AI innovation strategy and implementation journey.


  • The current state of AI tools commonly used in innovation and design and what it means for your creative team
  • How leading AI tools stack up when it comes to executing design and innovation tasks like trend investigation, concept generation, and collaborative workshopping
  • Case studies at various points in our process with lessons learned and example AI outputs

Project Report : How we leveraged AI for design and innovation


Grey Parker


As a life-long maker and professional problem-solver, Grey champions the powerful alliance between industrial design and engineering. He believes that the right blend of art and science can deliver meaningful products that can both improve the human experience and make good business sense. He brings his wealth of mechanical and manufacturing knowledge to the design process along with a passion for innovation and invention.

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Lynnaea Haggard

Marketing Manager

Lynnaea Haggard has a natural passion for storytelling and building relationships. She leverages her background in industrial design and communications to support studio projects as well as design and develop Sundberg-Ferar’s marketing and communications materials.

More thoughts from Lynnaea


Lauren Burger

Senior Design Strategist

With a background emphasizing the importance of combining both human desirability with engineering feasibility in design, Lauren has a deep passion for understanding the needs of people and how they translate to a business growth strategy.

More thoughts from Lauren


Evan Carpenter-Crawford

Senior Product Designer – HMI Design Specialist

Evan Carpenter-Crawford, Senior Product Designer, and HMI Design Specialist, has made many contributions to Sundberg-Ferar’s skill set and portfolio over 20 years with the company. Evan’s motivation centers on design’s drive to innovate and improve conditions for the end user. Evan began SF’s UI design capability in 1997 and continues to foster its growth and development. He is also an early practitioner of Sundberg Ferar’s Genesis process and has successfully used it to make strategic contributions for many clients. Before joining Sundberg Ferar, Evan ran his own consultancy and worked in the furniture industry. He also has 20 years teaching experience at The College for Creative Studies. Recently he has returned from a hiatus, during which he lead the North American design studio for an automotive tier one company.

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Rob Rehrig

Senior Electrical Engineer

Rob is part hardware hacker, part creative technologist, and part human-centered designer thriving at the cross-section of engineering and design. Led to engineering by his passion for music, art, and math, Rob has degrees in electrical, computer, and music engineering, and his work experience spans both academia and world-renowned design firms.

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Josiah LaColla

Senior Industrial Designer, Transportation Specialist

A logical, calculated approach to aesthetic design paired with real-world mechanical understanding has vaulted Josiah’s ability as a creative designer. Formally trained at College for Creative Studies, his professional experience prior to SF encompassed the industrial design of kinetic artifacts including SEMA show cars, high-end RVs, Class 8 truck experimental aerodynamics, and automotive design for a Silicon-Valley electric vehicle startup.


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