Bringing Visions of the Future to Life – Virtually


For CES 2021, Bridgestone developed a virtual exhibit to showcase their mobility technologies and future innovative vision across several different verticals, highlighting their mission to become the most valued global brand providing advanced solutions for a world in motion. This exhibit needed to enthrall audiences and compel them to start a conversation with Bridgestone at the virtual tradeshow. They chose to partner with Sundberg-Ferar as their supporting industrial design studio to realize this mission-critical exhibit.


New Mobility

The project was Initially scoped as a normal in-person exhibit, but when the COVID-19 pandemic forced CES 2021 to transition to a completely virtual experience, the project faced a challenging pivot.

Sundberg-Ferar partnered with Bridgestone to navigate the major change by quickly planning and executing a new approach with high-impact visuals to tell their story in a virtual micro-site format. Working together with Bridgestone’s internal Industrial Design and Marketing teams, Sundberg-Ferar crafted visual assets and animations that enhanced and aligned with Bridgestone’s objectives and roadmap.

Bridgestone: Future Vision Design, CES 2021

This exhibit was an important statement piece for Bridgestone that could have been compromised by the global events affecting the industry. Despite the project’s coinciding with tumultuous times, the team was able to ensure its success by nimbly innovating to bring the exhibit to life using inspiring visuals that would excite potential customers’ imaginations and present Bridgestone as the enviable innovation partner that it is.

“Active, intelligent, and digitally integrated technologies are critical to our goal of creating new value for society and customers through sustainable mobility and advanced solutions.”

Paolo Ferrari

President & CEO, Bridgestone Americas

Human Impact

Bridgestone’s Future Vision gave CES attendees one of the most unique and in-depth virtual exhibit experiences of CES 2021. While many other brands decreased their engagement with the conference, Bridgestone came out stronger than ever, showing a clear and compelling vision of how they will bring value into customers’ and consumers’ lives, and giving attendees concrete concepts for conversation and collaboration.

Business Impact

Increasingly, mobility companies can no longer afford to be just a “tire company” or a “car company”. The mobility ecosystem and mobility consumers are rewarding companies who set themselves apart by designing experiences that aren’t myopically focused on just one product, but instead create a unified solution (often requiring collaboration with other industry partners) that encompasses the entire user journey from start to finish. Bridgestone achieved just that with their Future Vision, which succeeded in sparking conversations with many new collaborators and customers that will continue to fuel Bridgestone’s growth as a provider of advanced solutions for a world in motion.

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