Creative Engineering


Our engineers take pride in making products beautiful from the inside out, discovering time and again that an elegant solution to a complex problem is the best recipe for success. The Sundberg-Ferar engineering team applies this mantra and serves to enable innovation, helping you determine your organization’s needs and how best to meet your challenges. We can execute designs for everything from high-volume, cost-sensitive products to limited production, couture systems and we know how to recommend the appropriate manufacturing processes that stage the products for success.Expertise in plastics, mechanisms, metals, composites, soft goods, electro-mechanical systems, among many others helps provide clients with a broad-scope tool box to pull from.


In early project phases, we invent new solutions and flush out specifications that guide the development towards robust solutions. We later execute and validate, bringing the design from the dream to the table with tool-ready data. In every case, we work as a team with industrial design, combining art and science to make your products not just emotionally desirable, but technically feasible and manufacturable to the highest standard.