Removing Food Waste Silently and Efficiently

InSinkErator: Evolution

InSinkErator approached SF to collaborate on the redesign of their latest “Evolution” series disposers. This time around, the disposer designs were based around noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) requirements to make the new units operate as seamlessly as possible and convey the durability of the mechanical parts with the aesthetic parts.


Commercial Products

InSinkErator and Sundberg-Ferar have a long-standing business relationship of setting trends for food waste disposers. The teams have worked together on multiple generations of Badger models, and were now focused on the redesign of the Evolution series of disposers, with the goal of making the units look and sound as durable as they really were. Earlier Evolution models had a simple snap-together construction, and with continuous use, occasionally the outer covering or “shells” would disassemble themselves. The team set out to create a new look for these models which allowed for fasteners to be used, and even highlighted in some cases.

While many directions were explored for the new disposers, ultimately a simple cylindrical form was determined to be the best for the product because of the function, the compact nature, and the existing strong brand identity.

Within this cylinder, proportions of the upper and lower sections were carefully sculpted to convey shapes and lines that communicated strength, and details around the upper neck and outlet were shaped to convey the absorption of vibration. The thickness of stainless-steel bands with the InSinkErator branding and model name were carefully created and surfacing around them sculpted. The fasteners presented new opportunities for design and function, and indentations and coves were created to add strength to the shells and provide access to the fasteners.

Color selection was another key point which took in factors considering the channels through which the units are sold – generally through big-box stores, or by professional plumbing contractors. The colors of the units reflected these locations, and a Red, Blue, and Charcoal were selected specifically to reflect these avenues of purchase, and to appeal to those specific customers.

InSinkErator: Evolution

Reservation and maturity of design led this project. Keeping a close tie to the existing Brand Identity made for a quick line to market without excessive marketing changes, while improving manufacturing repeatability, product quality, and durability.

Human Impact

The Evolution series ensures that millions of people can enjoy the benefits of quietly and efficiently disposing of their food waste, while ceasing landfill build-up. Whether hosting a party, or just enjoying an evening with the family, this product’s quiet performance means no obnoxious interruptions in socializations or even a peaceful evening meal.

Business Impact

InSinkErator produces over 20,000 Evolution units per day making the series of disposers one of the most impactful design investments for InSinkErator. These units are found in nearly every new construction build in the USA, and in every case, they communicate the durability, trustworthiness and thoughtfulness of the InSinkErator brand.

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