Shifting Visual Brand Language into Overdrive


Lumecon LLC, a fellow Michigan company based in Farmington Hills, is a proud US manufacturer of exterior lighting systems. They produce wall packs, floodlights, canopies, and post-top ornamental LED products, all of which feature their premium line of internal components and controls. From their inception in 2006 until recently, Lumecon was using off-the-shelf, die cast aluminum housings for their complete line of products (housings that are also available to competitive LED light manufacturers). Seeking next-level differentiation and business growth, Lumecon set its sights on the development of proprietary cast aluminum housings across their line of products to create their own unique and differentiated visual brand language (VBL).

Lumecon asked SF to support the development of a unique aesthetic theme as well as provide engineering support for cast aluminum housings and optics across an entire product line of exterior lighting systems. Their vision: capture the style and soul of Detroit in these products and create a new line-up of exterior lighting systems that truly represents “Detroit Strong”.

Sundberg-Ferar has always maintained a passion for our history and heritage in Southeast Michigan and Detroit. Our Midwest roots run deep and we were beyond excited to help a local company find success through leveraging the time-tested culture of design in our home state. The results: light housing designs that reflect the tenacity, beauty, and grit of our beloved Motor City.

How do you narrate the story of Detroit’s design heritage in a light fixture? The language of our city speaks loudest through its legacy as leaders in automotive design.

The team applied pronounced bone lines, muscular cues reminiscent of truck grills, and lens shapes influenced by modern headlights. Subtle logo application invokes a sense of humble pride and premium craftsmanship. All of this points to the Midwestern values that both SF and Lumecon cherish in our hometown: innovative, hard-working, earnest, premium, carried out with timeless style.


Industries can and should interconnect – but it takes experience to build the bridge. Our expertise in mobility design is powerful to our clients like Lumecon who make commercial products. We take pride in bridging industries across mobility, consumer, and commercial categories.

Human Impact

Detroit is a manufacturing city, and its people make incredible things. Sometimes we forget that the success of a product has impacts beyond the joy it might bring to its end user. The style of a light fixture can translate to a higher volume of sales; but this is especially successful when the design leverages the technology and skills of the factory it’s built in. Here, the Detroit Strong light fixture series design is upheld by the high-quality standards and light-technology prowess of its parent brand, Lumecon. It’s the combined effort that defines success.

Good product design can support a factory and its workers and their families, which, in turn, supports the city, state and country it’s made in. Lumecon is a true homegrown American brand, and SF is proud to help keep its factories running and provide opportunity for growth through good design.

Business Impact

Lumecon’s Detroit Strong product line-up is currently in production after entering the marketplace in 2020. SF has followed the product development process from conceptualization through launch providing ongoing support in both design and engineering capacities. The product line is poised for success and continues to gain interest and recognition from architects and facilities designers.

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