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Jeevak Badve – WARDS Auto UX Conference

Jeevak Badve – Panel Presenter and Speaker – WARDS Auto UX Conference

October 4, 2016


Jeevak, from SF, was invited to the inaugural UX conference by WARDS Auto, this fall, to join the industry experts in the field of UX, to bring more clarity and distill the real fundamentals behind the elusive expected ideal human experience; what the end user / the litany of multi-users really expect to get things done at the end of the day. He presented and unfolded the 5 elements constructs of “Meaningful Design”, the elements one needs to be grounded in, to make sure the design & development team is always aligned to that single point of truth SPoT, and never ever dilute that. He used a very valid and relevant example from one of his clients, OBI, a robotic dining device, which is obviously smart in feeding people who are physically challenged, but also infuses the basic expected humanistic emotions in the basic gestures and behavior.

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