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No More Porridge.

Most companies set out to design a product that everyone loves; what they end up with is a product that no one hates.  At Sundberg-Ferar we call these products “porridge” …warm, mushy and bland. These “me too” products drive price-based purchase decisions, which encourage cost reduction as the de facto way to compete.

We believe that products must be differentiated in unique and compelling ways.  Leveraging our expertise in research, design, ergonomics, and engineering, our job is to indentify “the right kind of different.”

The very best products don’t compete on price.  They instead have an emotional appeal and their purchase decision is based, in part, on emotion. That’s why our design research methodologies have been designed with an understanding of how emotions manifest themselves in a consumer’s mind at the point of purchase and throughout the life of a product. We know that on the emotional continuum, love and hate are very close to one another. We know that emotionally charged designs are often polarizing at the outset. We also know that there is a phenomenon known as, “I didn’t like it at first, but it’s starting to grow on me.” Armed with this knowledge, we know how to design and choose product concepts that are not “porridge.” 

“Internet marketspaces will not be kind to ‘ordinary’ producers…  ‘It’ will go to the low-cost provider… unless you can make ONE BLOODY DAMN GOOD CASE as to why your product, whether it’s an auto part or a heart-lung machine, is indeed SPECIAL.  Is that clear???”   – Tom Peters


We believe so strongly about “no more porridge,” that we have written it across the biggest wall in our studio. We have also initiated our annual No More Porridge Awards.  The awards carry a cash prize for our team members who suggest to our clients the most out-of-the-box concept and to those design teams who manage to get the most uniquely distinguished product into production distribution.  This is a fun competition that reinforces our dedication to developing uniquely compelling solutions for our clients…