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No More Porridge Awards

No More Porridge Awards

Dec 3, 2016

The SF tradition of the No More Porridge Awards is years old and is meant to maintain an internal challenge to our design team and researchers to continue to gently challenge our culture and customers with radical or uniquely differentiated design options. Why not throw some blue-sky in there and remember to imagine! The team members split a generous monetary reward for the victory they earn through popular staff vote.

The No More Porridge PRODUCTION Award this year went to Senior Engineer, Grey Parker, Researcher, Michelle Zurowick and CAD Specialist, David Wilson, for their aesthetic refinement and mechanical design support on Obi, a robotic feeding companion designed/invented by Jon Dekar and Tom Dekar from DESiN. Obi blends cutting edge technology, elegant design and intuitive controls for a dignified dining experience. Learn about Obi here.

The No More Porridge CONCEPT Award for Senior Industrial Designer, Dave Byron, and Engineer, Grey Parker, for their out –of –this-world design for a never-before-seen vehicle of sci-fi proportions – still under wraps in development with an international auto company. Congrats to all and keep pushing in 2017!