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  • Ditch Witch Launches JT40 Horizontal Directional Drill

    Feb 11, 2017

    The JT40 is a completely re-imagined industry-leading Horizontal Directional Drill and is an extension of a continued design relationship with Ditch Witch in their recent visual brand language across several product lines. Input from Ditch Witch’s experienced Drill Operators and knowledgeable Engineering Department was distilled and refined by the SF designers and engineers to create a striking new engine body with design features that simplify machine maintenance and an operator’s cab with unparalleled ergonomics & un-compromised sight lines. The cab is equipped with full climate control, a full suspension seat, multiple LED monitor layouts, optimized leg-room, and curved tinted glass to reduce vibration & operator fatigue. The cab telescopes along a rail system allowing visual access to all pertinent movement points on the drill, and clear visibility in the drilling direction allowing diligent monitoring. Positioning the operator at this optimum angle takes advantage of floor space and headroom giving the cab an ample feel. Using best ergonomic principles, all the necessary controls are arranged at arm’s reach, and equipment monitors are placed “downline” so movement isn’t needed to switch vantages from the spotter to the monitor. The standard open operators station includes a uniquely designed integrated security/weather shade that covers the operator while sheltering the control and seating layout of the fully-optioned cab. The engine body was designed from the ground-up to make the Ditch Witch brand recognizable from a mile away, with a powerful body-color division that draws the eye straight from the drill motor to the drill site in front of the machine. Extensive considerations were made to allow access to all necessary maintenance points while still keeping a high level of machine security when not in operation. The new engine body is tightly wrapped around a new Tier 4 Diesel engine, and together with industry-leading hydraulic pumps is capable of exerting an awesome 5,500 foot pounds of down-hole torque, and 40,000 pounds of thrust in pull-back.
  • SF Welcomes Award Winning Designer, Scott Stevens

    Feb 11, 2017

    A love of drawing, building, and sculpting led Scott to pursue a career in industrial design. After graduating from CCS in 2006 Scott started his career working with TRW (an American aerospace and automotive company) to design key fobs for Toyota & Chrysler. Prior to SF, he invested 10 years at The Master Lock Company where he designed products for Master Lock, Ford, Craftsman, Waterloo, Dudley, and American Lock. His expertise is in designing retail/commercial products for the US & European markets that range from smart products for the home to safety products for manufacturing facilities. He holds 30+ patents and has won multiple design awards. In the past decade, he has built relationships by delivering on time and on budget. College for Creative Studies.(B.F.A. in Industrial Design) Best Product award by Master Locksmiths Association, IDEA Silver Award, Edison Silver Awards 2011 & 2016
  • DrinksXDesign, The Pit Crew Hosts

    Feb 9, 2017

    SF is a proud partner in the Detroit design collective called The Pit Crew. The Detroit Creative Corridor (DC3) event series, DrinksxDesign (DXD) and the fabulous coordinator, Kiana Doggan Wenzell, invited The Pit Crew to host the February DXD atAtwater Brewery on the historic Detroit riverfront. The sold-out crowd kept the conversation flowing and Atwater made sure the beer and sausages were at the ready. There were guests from fashion, design, law, museum, educational, and manufacturing communities – a true Detroit cultural cross-section. DC3 really knows how to convene a group of thought and generational diversity. Also, when three of four creative partners are in the marketing space, it’s no wonder the word got around. Special thanks to all of DC3’s funders for making their good work possible, and to Atwater for in-kind donations and to all who joined in to explore the curious world of marketing strategies, print, graphic design, coding, video and industrial design. Special thanks to Heather Saunders, photographer.
  • The Pit Crew Picks Up Speed

    Feb 1, 2017

    SF is excited to announce the revamped Pit Crew website. One year ago, SF helped to found a design brain-trust in the Detroit Metro area to address a phenomenon we discovered independently. Each partner realized our clients were leaving our studios with great creative work and then hiring a new firm to fulfill their next project phase. For instance, SF may design a fantastic product, then another firm is would create the website or video with no access to the intense research the client just paid SF to produce. In the process design consistency are often lost and duplicative research costs can pile up. Each Pit Crew design firm is operating at the top of their field and has a deep respect for the work of the other so bridging expertise seemed natural. The partnership is a non-financial, altruistic referral based partnership that provides day-one design cohesion for complex product development and marketing platforms. The Pit Crew has more than 100 years of collective experience and has exciting projects on the horizon. element H - Digital Strategy, Audience Engagement SundbergFerar - Product Design, Design Research and Strategy Octane Design - Graphic and Interactive Design, Brand Development iwerk - Custom Software Development, Information Technology Visit The Pit Crew.
  • Jeevak Badve's CALL FOR SPEAKERS - IDSA International Design Conference 2017: Design IS Business

    As chair of the IDSA International Design Conference 2017, I invite you to join us Aug. 16–19 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for Design IS Business. ID is among a handful of disciplines that really, really values and strives to improve the human condition. Not just intrinsic value—but fundamental, instrumental value. Whatever the world throws at us—digitization, electrification, sensorification, autonomy or connectivity—industrial designers surmount barriers, leveraging them as elements. We make “design at scale.” Even if your product/solution is the most meaningful, it has to sell on the fair, open market—giving businesses the confidence to invest in and continue the growth of their portfolios. Now, the business world is taking note of the strategic advantage brought by ID to the table. The world’s most innovative companies are declaring solidarity with design—reserving a seat on the board for a chief design officer; assimilating design strategy; or making room for design to influence business strategy significantly. Business model patterns essentially research the target audience’s desires and meticulously develop meaningful product solutions and relevant ecosystems of experiences to improve the end user’s life—while profiting and—in many cases, keeping a watchful eye on our planet. From Harvard Business Review to Fast Company to The Wall Street Journal—the media, too, has newfound affection for the impact of ID on business—and on a greater scale—the global economy. Where better to make the case with Design IS Business than in Atlanta, GA—with some of the most compelling speakers at the intersection of design and business; studio and other offsite tours; great parties; and family-friendly attractions.“Among the nation's fastest-growing cities, the Georgia capital is attracting newcomers from around the country and people are looking to this part of the country for culture and commerce like never before,” declares US News & World Report in 2016. Atlanta means business—with a population of five and a half million; 150,000 businesses including some of the most iconic brands in the world; the fifth highest job growth rate in the United States; and quite an emphasis on higher education—with nearly 60 colleges and universities. Follow the journey to the IDSA International Design Conference 2017 using #IDSA17Atlanta @IDSA on Twitter; Industrial Designers Society of America on Facebook and LinkedIn; and @IDSAdesign. Apply here. Jeevak Badve IDSA Chair, IDSA International Design Conference 2017 Vice President, Strategic Growth, Sundberg Ferar
  • SAVE THE DATE – Pit Crew (with SF) – Featured at Feb 2017 DXD

    Mark your calendars to come see what the combined talents of four top-notch Detroit Design Firms, Pit Crew, have to offer when they join forces to provide front to back design services to customers. The first Detroit Creative Corridor (DC3) DrinksXDesign event of 2017 is coming up and the theme is "Design Strategy and Innovation," featuring this cutting edge Detroit Design collective. In addition to SF, Pit Crew includes iwerk, Octane Design, and ElementH Solutions. Registration is free and is going to be maxed - so register here!
  • SF Blown Away by 2nd Graders from Roosevelt Elementary

    Jan 19, 2017

    SF VP of Innovation Strategies, Jeff DeBoer, SF Senior Design Researcher, Michelle Zurowick, Engineer, Lisa Savage, and SF Designer, Ian Cobb, spent the day hosting three stellar second grade classes from Roosevelt Elementary School. A huge congratulations is on order for Principal Dennis Rapal, and classroom teachers, Ms. Jeannette Cuda, Ms. Juliann Obrien, Ms. Kathryn Knighton and their accompanying assistants and chaperones for their obvious success with these young developing citizens. In mind and spirit they inhabited the studio with curiosity and zeal and asked some show-stopping questions. Where do you buy your computer chips? How do you get this manufactured? May we start to draw with the computer? And more. It was so fun to see how the classes had been prepared by their teachers to hear about Industrial Design and the technical and creative aspects that can be employed in this career. T
  • Jeevak Badve Returns from Indian Tiger Safari

    Jan 18, 2017

    During the month of December, 2016, VP of Strategic Growth, Jeevak Badve, returned to his beloved Pune, India, to enjoy Tiger watching with his wife, children and extended family. If you know Jeevak, you know that a restful vacation with the family might entail waking a 4 and 7 year old at 3:00am after a 36 hour trip to drive into the Indian outback, unarmed, and in an open-sided Jeep from which you can’t disembark for 5 hour stints! Vacation? NO! Adventure? YES! Family affairs like this are not for the faint of heart but Jeevak seems to take great joy in pursuing thrills of the great outdoors. What is better, is how he brought the trip alive for many of us (who will never attempt such a thing), describing the waiting, the sounds, the herds and flocks and gaggles and batches of monkeys, birds and more that surrounded them as they tracked with a native guide, the mere sighting of a tiger. Three days and 5 safaris in, they achieved their goal. A few breathtaking minutes with two 8-month-old cubs (larger than Great Pyreneese), and a tiger named Maya, distinguished by the trackers from 82 other tigers by her stripes alone. This reserve is distinct in its natural approach. No weapons, no flares, only cameras and stillness. We missed Jeevak for four weeks, but this presentation, some sweet Indian desserts, and a staff lunch was an apt concession—he brought us back a true experience of India.
  • 2017 Michigan Design Prize Challenge Announced at NAIAS During STEAM Conversation with Square One Educational Network

    Jan 12, 2017

    SF's VP of Innovation Strategies, Jeff DeBoer, shared the mic with Karl Klimek, Executive Director of Square One Educational Network, to make a compelling case for hands-on and unconventional approaches to increasing the pipeline of young industrial designers and STEAM talent coming out of K-12 programs. The SF founded Michigan Design Council (MDC) has joined Square One and many STEAM organizations dedicated to the STEAM effort in their respective sectors to create access, raise awareness and locate resources for Michigan children in STEAM. By creating new channels to enhance experiential learning for students, their teachers are getting trained as well. Greater investment in teacher training amplifies STEAM exposure for students – train one teacher and that skillset and confidence jumps to hundreds of students annually. During the conversation, DeBoer announced the much-anticipated 2017 Michigan Design Prize challenge. The 2016 participation blew past all expectations and is expected to surge this year. The 2017 challenge is to design a physical product to help people safely enjoy Michigan winters (apply here). The SF VP also acknowledged the enormous support given by the MEDC to launch the MDC and played a video endorsement by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. DSC08546
  • SF Senior Engineer, Grey Parker at 2017 Plastics in Automotive Conference. Bridging the Gap: the Powerful Alliance of Design and Engineering.

    Jan 12, 2017

    Too often, the automotive design and engineering communities operate in silos with little communication and a disconnect between ideas and execution. Grey Parker, the lead engineer at SF, discussed how new product development can offer greater impact by leveraging a design and engineering partnership. With specific case studies of successful projects and the use of new tools that can help bridge the disciplines, Parker argued a convincing case. Grey Parker spent seven years in the automotive industry sharpening his design skills as a seat engineer for American Honda Motor Co. Grey acquired excellent project management skills while leading complex systems with hundreds of components; for example, the design of all three rows of the 2013 Acura MDX. He joined Sundberg-Ferar Inc. in 2013 and leads the company’s engineering department and specializes in innovation engineering and mechanical concept development. Grey graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. See the Conference agenda here.
  • NAIAS Annual EyesOn Design Award

    Jan 10, 2017

    SundbergFerar’s VP of Strategic Growth, Jeevak Badve was pleased to serve again as a docent to the judging process during the 2017 NAIAS EyesOn Design Award judging process. Dr. Philip Hessberg, Founder and Director of Henry Ford Institute of Opthalmology, introduced the ceremony sharing the impressive 29-year history of the Henry Ford Health System’s relationship with automotive design. Marcus Shelley,Executive Director of EyesOn Design Award and Head of Business Development at ASC, Inc, and Lisa Miree-Luke, Head of Corporate Affairs/Communications at Axalta were distinguished MCs. Awards were determined by leading automotive designers and sponsored by various leading companies in the areas of concept car, production car, concept truck, production truck, graphics and materials, interior design, user experience, and The Designer Catalyst Award presented by HenryFord Health System Department of Ophthalmology. Our partners and staff extend heartfelt congratulations to the 2017 EyesOn Design Award winners.
  • Governor Rick Snyder Auto Show Gathering

    Jan 10, 2017

    Governor Rick Snyder hosted a Detroit Auto Show gathering in Planet M Hall to celebrate the recent accomplishments of Michigan designers, technologists and entrepreneurs. The SF team was inspired by the evening of visionary remarks, delightful small eats and testing of tiny portable bikes, among other great tech and STEAM Education displays. It was a great chance to catch up with friends in auto we see this time of year and to see the breakthrough designs they have been incubating. Present also were new esteemed Directors of the Michigan Design Council (MDC), Katrin Robertson and Diane Tablyn. Enjoy the Governor’s video message in support of STEAM and the MDC- thank you for your continued support, Governor Snyder!
  • SF Designers Research Chinese Domestic Vehicle Industry

    Sundberg-Ferar designers David Thimm and Josiah LaColla recently returned from a series of trips through the Shandong, Zheijang, and Guangdong provinces of China. Over the course of three weeks, they embarked on a quest to collect primary research to gain insight into a particular segment of the Chinese domestic vehicle industry. These findings provided direction for the design phase of a vehicle, currently underway in the design studios of Sundberg-Ferar. Immediately following the research trip, Josiah participated in the launch event for a commercial truck recently designed at Sundberg-Ferar. He returned full of colorful tales of mind-blowing cuisine, warm and compelling exchanges with industry professionals, and a freshly recharged drive to complete design activities in Phase II.
  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas

    Jan 5, 2017

    VP of Genesis Innovation Strategy, Jeff DeBoer, Senior Industrial Designer, Dave Byron and Business Development Manager, Addie Stone-Richards, enjoyed three days in Las Vegas at CES meeting with great clients, seeing outrageous new technologies and opening new creative conversations. In addition to seeing the birth of the next decade in augmented reality and connected vehicle and home products, they enjoyed some of the best Italian and Korean cuisine-ever. The crew wrapped it up celebrating Dave's landmark birthday over a flight of bourbon from the US, Ireland and Japan! Our Kentucky colleague was shocked off her chair that bourbon with "coffee notes" from Japan was her favorite of the selection! A new take on an old tradition—that's good design.
  • White Elephant Party

    Dec 21, 2016

    This year's White Elephant party really showed our rookie status at the game - a few too many gifts worth having (huge telescope, unscratched lottery ticket, sunscreen tube flask set, moose head nog stein), which made for a robust stealing battle but defeated the hilarious ‘terribleness’of the experience. Next year we intend to lower that bar and up the groan factor!!! Our Office Manager, Holly Barr, continues to cook up hilarious events to keep the team bonded and spirits light amid the fast pace of projects and travel. Thank you Holly, and thanks to all of the sneaky SF elves!

  • No More Porridge Awards

    Dec 3, 2016

    The SF tradition of the No More Porridge Awards is years old and is meant to maintain an internal challenge to our design team and researchers to continue to gently challenge our culture and customers with radical or uniquely differentiated design options. Why not throw some blue-sky in there and remember to imagine! The team members split a generous monetary reward for the victory they earn through popular staff vote. The No More Porridge PRODUCTION Award this year went to Senior Engineer, Grey Parker, Researcher, Michelle Zurowick and CAD Specialist, David Wilson, for their aesthetic refinement and mechanical design support on Obi, a robotic feeding companion designed/invented by Jon Dekar and Tom Dekar from DESiN. Obi blends cutting edge technology, elegant design and intuitive controls for a dignified dining experience. Learn about Obi here. The No More Porridge CONCEPT Award for Senior Industrial Designer, Dave Byron, and Engineer, Grey Parker, for their out –of –this-world design for a never-before-seen vehicle of sci-fi proportions - still under wraps in development with an international auto company. Congrats to all and keep pushing in 2017!
  • SF Celebrates the Holidays and a Job Well Done in 2016

    Dec 3, 2016

    The SF partners pitched an amazing holiday party for the entire staff and their loved-ones at the Big Rock Chophouse. It was a warm and generous atmosphere and President, Curt Bailey, delivered his legendary annual roast-poem! We mingled with former partners, new and seasoned staff, and enjoyed great cuisine and festive flowing libations. Great accomplishments were acknowledged and the party set the perfect tone for a 2017 launch!
  • College for Creative Studies Product Design Students Visit SF

    The College for Creative Studies (CCS) Product Design Chair, Vincenzo lavicoli, introduced another talented group to the SF design methodology, history, and vision. SF has a unique relationship with CCS as much of our top design talent throughout our history are CCS graduates. Currently, designers, Dave Byron, Ian M. Cobb, and (soon to be) Matthew McPhail also teach in the CCS Product Design department. Hosted by President, Curt Bailey, lively discussion included design opportunities in Detroit, approaches to portfolio presentation and a day in the life of a designer. The group lobbed heavy-hitting professional life questions and if they are a testament to next-gen design talent, the world is about to become a more exciting place. CCS Product Design Vincenzo lavicoli’s IDSA Award in Teaching Excellence 2016-11-17 16.17.07 2016-11-17 15.54.57 2016-11-17 14.27.05
  • SF Chili Cook-off

    November 19, 2016

    This year we added a chili cook-off to our line-up of annual in-house challenges. With multiple nationalities and more than one chef under our roof, this contest proved more competitive than our in-house design competition! The winning trophy was claimed by VP of Strategic Growth, Jeevak Badve. With roots in India, Jeevak brought a palate finely tuned to rich simmered dishes and added an array of mystery spices that no one could identify — magical to our panel of four guest judges! Congrats Jeevak. But watch out, we are planning for next year. Featured image: Michelle Zurowick finishes in the top three. Check out a few more images below:

    IMG_7287 1st place: Jeevak Badve, 2nd place: Michelle Zurowick, 3rd place: Dan Genord
    Chili Cook Off Trophy and Big Cash Prize The Chili Cook-off Trophy and big cash prize!
  • SF 2016 Halloween Celebrations

    October 31, 2016

    The 2016 Sundberg-Ferar Halloween Party marked the next chapter in the hilarious ways we put the daily grind on hold and keep tabs on the crew’s creative sprit, and a good measure of the overall studio whack-o-meter. Costumes were great this year and lunch was tasty, but we must tip our hats to SF’s newest engineer, Will Koederitz, for the studio good sportsmanship award. Will came to his first day of work in full costume. This raised the bar in the area of being a team player and shored up the team’s commitment to creative risk-taking!
  • Jeff DeBoer Announces the MDC 2016 Michigan Design Prize

    October 28, 2016

    The MDC hosted its first annual Michigan Design Prize awards ceremony at the Broad Museum in East Lansing on Friday, October 28th. It was an evening full of fun and inspiration - to look around and see the plethora of amazing contestants from all the 3 groups: K-5, K-6 to K-12, and the professional categories. The second graders came up with some fascinating ideas to solve the contest challenge. The Michigan Design Prize is an annual competition celebrating exceptional Michigan industrial design talent. Participants tackle a singular design challenge linked to Michigan and larger societal issues. The competition is administered by the Michigan Design Council, a Michigan non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the development, attraction, and retention of industrial design talent in Michigan. The Michigan Design Prize curriculum guideline is a project-based structure to nurture future industrial design talent. The guideline is based on the Michigan Design Prize 2016 Challenge Statement. Featured in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's November 10th bulletin. Learn more about MDC here. IMG_0208 IMG_0228 IMG_7854 IMG_7857 IMG_7863 IMG_7867 IMG_7870 IMG_7896
  • Jeevak Badve – Panel Presenter and Speaker – WARDS Auto UX Conference

    October 4, 2016

    Panel : ELEVATING MOOD, PROMOTING HEALTH AND WELLNESS Jeevak, from SF, was invited to the inaugural UX conference by WARDS Auto, this fall, to join the industry experts in the field of UX, to bring more clarity and distill the real fundamentals behind the elusive expected ideal human experience; what the end user / the litany of multi-users really expect to get things done at the end of the day. He presented and unfolded the 5 elements constructs of “Meaningful Design”, the elements one needs to be grounded in, to make sure the design & development team is always aligned to that single point of truth SPoT, and never ever dilute that. He used a very valid and relevant example from one of his clients, OBI, a robotic dining device, which is obviously smart in feeding people who are physically challenged, but also infuses the basic expected humanistic emotions in the basic gestures and behavior. Read Live in Moment for UX Success by James M. Amend of Wards Auto here. View the 2016 Speaker List. Visit the User Experience Conference site.
  • SF in Michigan Modern Book

    September 2016

    Michigan Modern: Design That Shaped America is an impressive Hardback coffee table book, collection of important essays touching on all aspects of Michigan’s architecture and design heritage. The Great Lakes State has always been known for its contributions to twentieth-century manufacturing, but it’s only beginning to receive wide attention for its contributions to Modern design and architecture. Brian D. Conway, Michigan’s State Historic Preservation Officer, and Amy L. Arnold, project manager for Michigan Modern, have curated nearly thirty essays and interviews from a number of prominent architects, academics, architectural historians, journalists, and designers, including historian Alan Hess, designers Mira Nakashima, Ruth Adler Schnee, and Todd Oldham, and architect Gunnar Birkerts, describing Michigan’s contributions to Modern design in architecture, automobiles, furniture and education. It is an privilege and honor to see Carl Sundberg and Monte Ferar’s design studio, Sundberg-Ferar, featured in it. We are so proud! More about the book. More about Michigan's State Historic Preservation Office. More about the Michigan Modern project.
  • Jeevak Badve – Eastman Innovation Lab, Featured Designer

    October 2016

    Eastman Innovation lab, one of the most inventive materials companies on this globe, does an interview every month with one of the design industry's experts and distills the conversation in to a brief, 10 questions format. It’s a pretty quick way to get to know a designer and their relevant views on the materials and positioning it in context. Read Eastman's 10 Questions with Jeevak here.
  • Jeevak Badve – Creative Mornings

    September 23, 2016

    Jeevak Badve was a recent speaker at Creative Mornings, aligned with the DDF: Detroit Design Festival. Venue: Detroit Lives! in the Penobscot building, Downtown Detroit Title: The Magic of Meaningful Objects   Have you ever thought about the assortment of objects you surround yourself with? In your kitchen, in your garage, on your worktable, in your living room, in your handbag: literally everywhere. We are inherently surrounded by a sea of objects... and you handpick them from various channels: from a mall or from a big box store or from Amazon and some how they all magically seem to work together (well most of the time).   Now have you ever wondered how all these objects seem to fit together, to work in unison, like a well-choreographed performance? If you are curious, let's go behind the curtains of the second longest standing independent industrial design studio of the nation, born right here in Detroit in 1934, to understand, to discover, and to feel the design philosophy and structured methodology it takes to put forth these beautiful objects, to seamlessly fit in your personal lifestyle, in the most meaningful way. And if this is done in a human-centric way, respecting your needs, wants, and desires, and to deliver you the expected “ideal user experience”, then folks... it's basically indistinguishable from magic. Watch the video. Learn more about CtreativeMornings/Detroit.
  • Jeevak Badve – Clarkston School – Industrial Design Awareness

    September 27, 2016

    Laura Kalinowski, one of the forward-design-thinking teachers from Clarkston High School wanted her multidisciplinary classes of students to get together and get exposed to the fascinating world of ID. Jeevak took on the task to inspire and motivate the new emerging talent to understand and consider the challenges and opportunities that ID has to offer. The presentation was well attended and accepted and resulted in a very curious and fearless battery of questions, which one should expect from the new Generation Z. It was mutual fun to do this. Laura Kalinowski also works on a project called "Maker Girl Mania" that encourages girls ages ~7-12 to explore the idea of engineering and manufacturing as an educational pursuit and potential career. Learn more about Maker Girl Mania and visit their Facebookpage.
  • SF Featured in DC3 Newsletter

    August 2016

    Meet Sundberg-Ferar: An Industrial Design studio founded in 1934 in the Guardian Building, downtown Detroit. As one of the longest operating independent design firms, we have been enhancing and advancing the spirit of innovation globally. We design ordinary objects for everyday use, from kitchen utensils, medical equipment, to machinery. Our robust research-based design methodology uncovers and identifies the unspoken needs and unarticulated desires of the user.  By creatively using the fundamental principles of aesthetics, ergonomics, usability and usefulness, we infuse emotion into our design to enhance the user experience across the entire customer journey.  Jeevak Badve brings energy, passion, and curiosity to his role as Vice President of Strategic Growth at Sundberg-Ferar. With his unique blend of industrial design, mechanical engineering and business education, he relentlessly rallies for the design community on raising the awareness of the ID discipline: How a meaningful and beautiful product itself is at the very core for a strategic and significant growth for a business.   If you are curious to see if industrial design is applicable to your product or service, or want to tour our studios, give Jeevak a ping at jeevak@sundbergferar.com or 248.360.5590. Learn more about DC3.
  • Jeevak Badve – Eastman + Shift Article

    September 2016

    A wonderful recap of Day 5 @ Shift Design Camp, where Jeevak was invited to speak about how an industrial designer should always strive to be different, compelling and unique from all other designers. That onus is on us to provide that proper distinction, either as a staff designer or as an independent consultancy. Thanks Eastman for all your kind words and appreciation. Read the article here. More about Shift Design.
  • Jeevak Badve – Panelist at GMF Event

    September 22, 2016

    Jeevak was invited to speak on a special panel focusing on the re-vitalization of the D, from a creative perspective. The panel discussion ignited a conversation of what the creatives, especially in the industrial art and design community, are doing and should be doing to further re-vitalize design in this area; putting the “D” back on the map as the creative and innovation center of the Western hemisphere. Detroit’s path from bankruptcy to newly regained solvency, as well as its thriving creative economy that is attracting global attention, is a testament to the power of civic leadership, cross-sectoral coalitions, and strategic global engagement. GMF’s fifth Marshall Seminar examines leadership insights into how to lead change in your city or organization. The seminar convened the American and European alumni of GMF’s transatlantic leadership initiatives in Detroit from September 21 to 23 to explore strategies to build powerful coalitions, achieve inclusive growth, inspire creative breakthroughs, reinvent one’s image and brand, and leverage global trends and networks for sustainable success. Learn more about the seminar here.
  • SF – Proud Partner for DxD

    August 2016

    SF was proud to be one of the presenting partners for DC3's August Drinks x Design, which highlights an particular aspect of the city's economic activity. This month, DxD activated the venue at Focus: HOPE with a celebration of industrial and manufacturing design! Festivities took place at the Center for Advanced Technologies (CAT) overlooking their 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space, used for assembling headliners and suspension modules for Android Industries. Programming included displays from industrial design firms that are working to enhance the quality of life and economic opportunity in Detroit and beyond. It’s always great to a part of the DxD and join the momentum of this SE region of Michigan when it comes to entrepreneurship and lots of new buzzing ideas. Learn more about DxD. Learn more about DC3. Visit the DxD Facebook.