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Jeff DeBoer Announces the MDC 2016 Michigan Design Prize

Jeff DeBoer Announces the MDC 2016 Michigan Design Prize

October 28, 2016

The MDC hosted its first annual Michigan Design Prize awards ceremony at the Broad Museum in East Lansing on Friday, October 28th. It was an evening full of fun and inspiration – to look around and see the plethora of amazing contestants from all the 3 groups: K-5, K-6 to K-12, and the professional categories. The second graders came up with some fascinating ideas to solve the contest challenge.

The Michigan Design Prize is an annual competition celebrating exceptional Michigan industrial design talent. Participants tackle a singular design challenge linked to Michigan and larger societal issues. The competition is administered by the Michigan Design Council, a Michigan non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the development, attraction, and retention of industrial design talent in Michigan. The Michigan Design Prize curriculum guideline is a project-based structure to nurture future industrial design talent. The guideline is based on the Michigan Design Prize 2016 Challenge Statement.

Featured in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s November 10th bulletin.
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