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Jeevak Badve – Panelist at GMF Event

Jeevak Badve – Panelist at GMF Event

September 22, 2016

Jeevak was invited to speak on a special panel focusing on the re-vitalization of the D, from a creative perspective. The panel discussion ignited a conversation of what the creatives, especially in the industrial art and design community, are doing and should be doing to further re-vitalize design in this area; putting the “D” back on the map as the creative and innovation center of the Western hemisphere.

Detroit’s path from bankruptcy to newly regained solvency, as well as its thriving creative economy that is attracting global attention, is a testament to the power of civic leadership, cross-sectoral coalitions, and strategic global engagement. GMF’s fifth Marshall Seminar examines leadership insights into how to lead change in your city or organization. The seminar convened the American and European alumni of GMF’s transatlantic leadership initiatives in Detroit from September 21 to 23 to explore strategies to build powerful coalitions, achieve inclusive growth, inspire creative breakthroughs, reinvent one’s image and brand, and leverage global trends and networks for sustainable success.

Learn more about the seminar here.