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Arrange geometry to maximize usability, comfort and safety.

Underlying every product is a functional purpose. The human factors or “ergonomics” of a product determine how it fits itself to that purpose and the person attempting to achieve it.  

As designers we love to hear that people like the appearance of the objects we design, but in truth we are much happier when people tell us that they like a product we designed because of the way it “fits them”.  To us, this means that we were successful at addressing needs that go beyond the superficial and get right down to what users want to achieve with a product. We believe that this sense of satisfaction is at the heart of what makes the use of a product a pleasurable experience. 

While anthropometrics and human factors standards are the bedrock of human interaction with a product,  that’s just the beginning of the story.  At Sundberg Ferar we believe it is of utmost importance to both observe the behavior of users, and to put our designs to the test against that behavior.  Specifically, we believe that what you ask a person about a product, and what you can observe by watching that person using it are often two different things.  Field observation and prototyping are indispensable parts of our design process that frequently provide deep insights into what users like and don’t like about both current products and future designs.   

Whether it is the layout of a control, the contour of a handle, the eye point of a vehicle, or the balance of mechanism, we are dedicated to finding the differences that matter.  At Sundberg Ferar we feel that these needs represent a source of creative inspiration and we work hard to understand them.