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Jeevak Badve – Clarkston School – Industrial Design Awareness

Jeevak Badve – Clarkston School – Industrial Design Awareness

September 27, 2016

Laura Kalinowski, one of the forward-design-thinking teachers from Clarkston High School wanted her multidisciplinary classes of students to get together and get exposed to the fascinating world of ID. Jeevak took on the task to inspire and motivate the new emerging talent to understand and consider the challenges and opportunities that ID has to offer. The presentation was well attended and accepted and resulted in a very curious and fearless battery of questions, which one should expect from the new Generation Z. It was mutual fun to do this.

Laura Kalinowski also works on a project called “Maker Girl Mania” that encourages girls ages ~7-12 to explore the idea of engineering and manufacturing as an educational pursuit and potential career.

Learn more about Maker Girl Mania and visit their Facebookpage.