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More than capable.

Sundberg-Ferar’s creative product development team possesses eight key internal disciplines that work together to dramatically increase the odds that your product will be extraordinary!  Our disciplines come together in processes designed to break through a series of very predictable barriers to innovation.  Armed with an awareness of why well-intentioned attempts at innovation often fall short, Sundberg-Ferar has built a team of experts to make sure that the products and experiences that we design fully exploit their potential and leave nothing on the table.  


Innovation_thumbInnovation Strategy

Create meaningful and actionable ways to focus your company.

designresearch_thumbDesign Research

Infuse the design process with user-focused insight.

Industrialdesign_thumbIndustrial Design

Convert insights into compelling competitive advantages.

UI_thumbUser Interface

Leverage technology to help humans access ideal experiences.


Arrange geometry to maximize usability, comfort and safety.


Make products beautiful from the inside out.

Modelmaking_thumbModel Making

Get physical fast, early and often.                                            


Reinforcing the ideal experience at the point of purchase.