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About Us

Welcome to Sundberg-Ferar, a product innovation studio.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of creative, talented, status-quo-questioning people.  Our energy is focused on the design and development of uniquely differentiated products and experiences.  Throughout our long history we have evolved to serve clients in a broad range of categories including consumer products, medical equipment, and vehicles of all types.

We exist to help our customers accomplish their business objectives.  Great products liberate our clients to increase profit margins, gain market share, and ultimately build and enhance strong brands. 

Through our innovation process, we cross-reference ideal user experiences with competitors’ vulnerabilities. This knowledge is used to show our customers how to identify and exploit uncontested market spaces. We navigate this complexity to identify the right kind of different.

Ultimately, we view our creativity as an incredible gift.  A gift that allows us, with every project we work on, to notch up humanity’s standard of living through the design of the products and experiences that enhance our lives.