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2017 Michigan Design Prize Challenge Announced at NAIAS

2017 Michigan Design Prize Challenge Announced at NAIAS During STEAM Conversation with Square One Educational Network

Jan 12, 2017

SF’s VP of Innovation Strategies, Jeff DeBoer, shared the mic with Karl Klimek, Executive Director of Square One Educational Network, to make a compelling case for hands-on and unconventional approaches to increasing the pipeline of young industrial designers and STEAM talent coming out of K-12 programs. The SF founded Michigan Design Council (MDC) has joined Square One and many STEAM organizations dedicated to the STEAM effort in their respective sectors to create access, raise awareness and locate resources for Michigan children in STEAM. By creating new channels to enhance experiential learning for students, their teachers are getting trained as well. Greater investment in teacher training amplifies STEAM exposure for students – train one teacher and that skillset and confidence jumps to hundreds of students annually.

During the conversation, DeBoer announced the much-anticipated 2017 Michigan Design Prize challenge. The 2016 participation blew past all expectations and is expected to surge this year. The 2017 challenge is to design a physical product to help people safely enjoy Michigan winters (apply here). The SF VP also acknowledged the enormous support given by the MEDC to launch the MDC and played a video endorsement by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.